Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Baby Boy 20 weeks

Cannot believe I'm already half way through this pregnancy!! it's going way faster this time around probably because I'm running around chasing a very high energy toddler every day all day. Feeling pretty good so far, belly getting bigger.. as well as the rest of my body! which came as a surprise to me, this didn't happen with Zoe until the last month... This time around I'm rounding up pretty evenly and rapidly. I wonder if it's because it's a boy or if it's because this is baby #2 and my body is just different. Oh well. Hopefully breastfeeding will take care of all the extra pounds just like it did with Zoe. (crossing my fingers) Because the donut cravings are even more intense these days! All I want is donuts and chocolates. I make healthy juices for me and Zoe everyday and I seriously have a harder time than her finishing them up.

Dear baby boy-
You move quite a bit around my belly everyday which I appreciate. Your sister would go days without moving and it would freak me out. So it's nice that you are consistent. You seem to be scared of the blender cause you shake around when I turn it on (which is weird cause your sister loves the noise), but who knows maybe you do too and you are just dancing in there.
We got some sweet pictures of your 20 week ultrasound and other than your nose being a little cuter, and a less rounded face you look just like your sister :) which makes me happy. You are only 1 pound and you already have tons of little clothes, we've been hitting all the sales since we found out you are a boy and I can't wait to set up your nursery and hang all the teeny clothes in there.

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