Sunday, June 1, 2014

Leo - 1 month

Well it's already been a whole month since we got our lovely Leo! life is busy to say the least having two is way harder than I thought. But I wouldn't change my babies for the world. Leo so far has been a pretty easy baby. Not as easy as Zoe was, but he's not coliky or refluxy or any of those things, he's pretty content for the most part, as long as he is being fed and lets just say he likes to be feeding constantly!! it's been a real struggle to push him to go even just 2 hours during the day! sometimes at night he sleeps for 4 hour increments which feels like heaven :)
He grunts A LOT! to the point that people at church stare at us wondering what's going on, it's pretty funny they sound like adult grunts. He loves to stare at anybody that will hold him, he has a special way to make you feel he is truly studying your face.
We love our Leo, and he's growing fast, I'm soaking it all up cause I know very well how fast it goes. Here's he's first month pics. I'm so proud I got the closeup of his eyes cause it's so hard for me to describe the color of his eyes when people ask me, but this is exactly what they look like in real life, so for all of those of you who wonder.. this is it :) Im hoping they stay that way but we'll see...

-Sleeping on his tummy
-Staring at people
-The swing
- Pacifiers
- Noise
- Waiting to be fed
- Gas drops

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The new house.. in progress...

I meant to write a weekly update about our house being built, but just like my monthly belly pictures it hasn't happened. So here's a little recap. We can't believe how fast it's going up!!  it's looking more and more like a house now and we can't wait for it to be ready! Not that we don't have other exciting things happening soon though... such as the birth of our baby boy :)

more pictures to come soon..

Monday, January 27, 2014

Baby boy- 26 weeks

Wow, time goes by way faster when you already have a baby to take care of. I promised myself I would be very diligent about the belly picture taking with all of my kids... but it's way harder than I anticipated. The weeks just slip by and my belly just grows and grows... so here we go, 6 weeks later an update and a much bigger belly. It's finally rounding up a little and this is officially my favorite pregnancy stage! I feel excellent, I feel him moving all the time, we know he's healthy, and my belly is really showing but I'm not quite feeling huge yet. I feel so incredibly blessed to be pregnant one more time, it's such an amazing experience. I would do it 3 more times if Chris was up for it :) but we probably wont.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Baby Boy 20 weeks

Cannot believe I'm already half way through this pregnancy!! it's going way faster this time around probably because I'm running around chasing a very high energy toddler every day all day. Feeling pretty good so far, belly getting bigger.. as well as the rest of my body! which came as a surprise to me, this didn't happen with Zoe until the last month... This time around I'm rounding up pretty evenly and rapidly. I wonder if it's because it's a boy or if it's because this is baby #2 and my body is just different. Oh well. Hopefully breastfeeding will take care of all the extra pounds just like it did with Zoe. (crossing my fingers) Because the donut cravings are even more intense these days! All I want is donuts and chocolates. I make healthy juices for me and Zoe everyday and I seriously have a harder time than her finishing them up.

Dear baby boy-
You move quite a bit around my belly everyday which I appreciate. Your sister would go days without moving and it would freak me out. So it's nice that you are consistent. You seem to be scared of the blender cause you shake around when I turn it on (which is weird cause your sister loves the noise), but who knows maybe you do too and you are just dancing in there.
We got some sweet pictures of your 20 week ultrasound and other than your nose being a little cuter, and a less rounded face you look just like your sister :) which makes me happy. You are only 1 pound and you already have tons of little clothes, we've been hitting all the sales since we found out you are a boy and I can't wait to set up your nursery and hang all the teeny clothes in there.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

18 weeks - baby boy

This is the first weekend we get a chance to take belly pictures. Mainly because took a while for this belly to start growing I was 16 weeks along and it was pretty much a flat belly, I was worried sick cause I thought you are supposed to get bigger sooner with the second baby not later. We even scheduled and extra ultrasound to make sure you were still in there! But sure enough, this last week out of nowhere bam! a belly at last!!! This baby must be growing fast and furious now cause I can clearly see the belly getting bigger everyday. Let's just hope it doesn't take after daddy and come out at 9 pounds!

Dear baby BOY:
I can feel you moving already! and I love it, I don't know if this is just wishful thinking, but you seem (so far) like a pretty calm baby, you roll around and kick some but nothing crazy (like your sister!)  We shall see if this turns out to be true of your personality when you are born :) It's still early on in the pregnancy but it seems like we already have a name picked for you! we've been calling you that for weeks now and we like the sound of it, hope you like it too. Your middle name on the other hand is still a mystery, everyone has an opinion about it, and nobody seems to like "Wolf" which is my favorite so far but it's ben vetoed by your daddy already... oh well. We have 6 months to prepare for your arrival and to figure out a middle name for you.

You are only 6.7oz and 5.6 in but I already love you so much.

We are having a BOY!!!

We are still in a little bit of shock, even though half the time people asked me what we thought we were having I said boy. Once we cut that cake and I saw blue inside I could not believe my eyes!! I probably walked back a few times just to confirm it was indeed blue!!! (video coming soon!) we are so lucky we get one of each now! I'm a little nervous to be a mama of a boy cause I don't know what to expect, but I am so excited to figure it out. I have a younger brother close in age too and I love him so much we get a long so great, so I'm excited for the life long relationship Zoe gets to have with her little brother :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013