Thursday, August 20, 2015

Our traveling adventures

If you are looking for all the posts on our travel adventures please head over here.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Leo- 10 months

Leo! please stop growing! Just thinking about the fact that you will soon be one year old makes me wanna cry. You are getting so much personality these days. You can now defend yourself from big sister Zoe, you do all kinds of noises and hand gestures to scare her away, it's pretty cute.
You dance like there's no tomorrow as soon as you hear any sort of music you start shaking your body, your hands, your head just whatever you can in the moment I love that you are such a musical baby boy. You literally go up the stairs all the way up crawling all by yourself.. I'm right there to catch you just in case but most times you don't even need me. You absolutely love taking baths with your sister.. I was afraid she would teach you how to splash... turns out you are the master splasher and you splash harder than she ever did, so I get soaked everyday but you both love it so much so I just suck it up and dry the entire bathroom when we are done. You still hate when we are getting you dressed... you are just too busy to be bothered with silly stuff as clothing. You love the swing at the park and cannot wait to use the rest of the park you would crawl on the rocks if I would let you. This month you seem to be much more interested in food! hallelujah! I was starting to get worried.. you love cheese and avocado. You will now try little chunks of whatever we are eating as well as whatever you find on the floor. You seriously choke on stuff like 5 times a day it's nerve-wrecking. I can tell you are so eager to walk you keep pulling up on everything and you obviously like to stand better than crawl. You are adorable I just can't get enough of you. Such a good happy babe. Still not sleeping thru the night but who cares? certainly not me, I don't even know how many times you wake up because I barely wake up.. I just roll and feed you, I don't keep track. Some people may find that disturbing and say I'm teaching you bad habits but I did the same with your sister and as soon as she turned one she started sleeping by herself in her own room 12 hours straight. So I'm not afraid of spoiling you. I enjoy every second of having you sleep with us. You are the best cuddler ever ever. You also like it when I read to you, which makes me happy because we have way too many books and Zoe can't sit still to read at all. You also started playing peek a boo! and it's so cute!

Thursday, February 26, 2015


We really cherish these now a days.  Since we moved they only come a couple times a year if any, and boy did we miss the snow! Zoe can now really play in it, build snowmen and snowballs.. it was fun and so pretty while it lasted.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Leo - 9 months

Well it's official. He's been outside of me longer than inside of me.. and as corny as it sounds that makes me a little sad. But he is still beyond attached to me, which I love! (for the most part). He is still so not even close to sleeping thru the night. We've tried all kinds of things but he is so used to sleeping next to me and I'm so not wanting to let go of our little ritual. So for now we continue to put him down in his crib and bringing him down when we go to bed... The longest stretch he's ever done is from 6am to 11pm! He is all over the place!!  He's itching to start walking.. standing all over the place including my legs, chairs, bathtub.. going up the stairs every chance he gets, keeps me busy. He's already a little daredevil, just like his sister! oh my!
He loves music and dances with lots of rhythm (unlike anyone in the family). He even pulls himself up, and stands in his tippy toes to play the piano and  smiles really big when he finally hits the notes.
And I'm not sure if I should be proud or concerned but this little guy is not eating any solid foods yet! Exclusively breastfed. whew! He refuses just about anything.. and if I manage to push anything in, he gags and sometimes even throws up! As of now I'm not too concerned.. he seems to be gaining weigh just fine. But he obviously nurses much more than most 9 month old babies.. but I don't mind that at all. More bonding for the two of us and more donuts for me. yum!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


This week's picture is one of Zoe painting. Hew new all time favorite activity. needless to say the house is a bit of a mess these days. But we are very proud of her. She picks the best color pallets ever! And one more picture of Leo just looking cute in red chewing a red block.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Pulling up is probably his favorite activity right now.

I took this to remember how small he looks in the baby swings. 

She is wild at heart and loves to wear her crazy hair down.

Sunny winter days feel oh so good!

Saturday, January 17, 2015


I guess I'm catching up and somehow it's week 3.
This is how we spend most of the days lately. In the playroom.. Leo pulling up on just about anything he can... annoying Zoe ;)
And one more of Zoe, she's a tomboy that wears long pearl necklaces  and sometimes tutus, and I love her for that.


This week's picture of Leo is a special one for me. I've been trying so hard to capture this moment that I have almost everyday with him during our afternoon nap. He is half asleep / half breastfeeding right on top of me, the sun is hitting us just right and I just stare at how beautiful he is and I praise the Lord for allowing me to have such a perfect baby boy. I love the way he covers his face with his hand, he's been doing this to fall asleep since he was very young. I kept trying to snap it with my iphone but the back camera is no good. So I texted Chris so he could come take one with the real camera I told him to quietly hop on the bed and take it from above. I think he did a good job. 
I am a big fan of breastfeeding ever since I had Zoe Jane, it's been a fairly simple task for me, I am fully aware is not as easy for everyone. After a couple rough weeks at the beginning it's been a smooth ride with both of them. And I am very thankful for that. It's an incredible bond that I will never forget. I have no breastfeeding picture of me and Zoe so I'm thankful I've been able to snap a few with Leo. The second picture is one of Zoe Jane in her pull ups... as we are in the middle of potty training... she's just so happy.


Saturday, January 10, 2015


OK here we go! the first of hopefully 52 portraits (1 a week) of my babies! it seems pretty daunting somehow the weeks seem to slip by my fingers quickly. But this project actually makes me think about the quality time I'm spending with my kids. When I think about what I wanna capture this week.. it makes me think about all this fun projects I could do with them. So far seems like a very positive "chore" if you will.
These are a couple pictures of Zoe helping me make a cake, wearing her cute apron. And one of Leo's intense stare. Oh! and a funny one I found that Chris took, while trying to capture Zoe cooking.. he got Leo in the background being silly with some spoon. ;)
Hoping my photographing skills get better and better as the year goes by.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Leo 8 months

Our sweet Leo Bennet turned 8 months old and things are changing fast around here. He's officially crawling all over the house. That has put a major spin on things since he can get to wherever he wants he's constantly wanting whatever Zoe is playing with.. lets just say I'm constantly talking about "sharing" over here.. it's a little preview of what's to come I'm sure. He's still so not sleeping through the night, but at this point I'm so very used to it. He started sleeping in his room! (for the beginning of the night) which is one major step (mostly for me) I am having a hard time letting go of our bed sharing so when I go to bed I just swoop him right off and bring him with me, nighttime feedings are much easier that way or at least that's my excuse to cuddle up with my soft warm baby all night and wake up to slobbery kisses (and sometimes kicks on my face). The fact that Chris keeps saying this is most def our last baby makes me wanna hold on to this stage ever longer. Once Zoe started sleeping through the night in her crib that was it! she never napped with me again ;(
so I'm not in a rush. On the food front he's also taking it very slow. He refuses just about every kind of food I give him. I've tried it all... I make him lots from scratch with breastmilk.. then I tried store bought and he literally threw up.. even puffs!.. but he just wont have it.. So as of now he is exclusively breastfed and will continue to be until I figure out how to make him eat. No rush either.
He officially has 4 teeth now! two top and two bottom! He loves his sister dearly. always laughing at all the silly things she does. Also seems extremely attached to me, I cannot even go to the bathroom without him crying. It's flattering but exhausting too. Everywhere I go people comment on what a beautiful baby he is :) I agree. I'm madly in love.