Saturday, January 24, 2015


Pulling up is probably his favorite activity right now.

I took this to remember how small he looks in the baby swings. 

She is wild at heart and loves to wear her crazy hair down.

Sunny winter days feel oh so good!

Saturday, January 17, 2015


I guess I'm catching up and somehow it's week 3.
This is how we spend most of the days lately. In the playroom.. Leo pulling up on just about anything he can... annoying Zoe ;)
And one more of Zoe, she's a tomboy that wears long pearl necklaces  and sometimes tutus, and I love her for that.


This week's picture of Leo is a special one for me. I've been trying so hard to capture this moment that I have almost everyday with him during our afternoon nap. He is half asleep / half breastfeeding right on top of me, the sun is hitting us just right and I just stare at how beautiful he is and I praise the Lord for allowing me to have such a perfect baby boy. I love the way he covers his face with his hand, he's been doing this to fall asleep since he was very young. I kept trying to snap it with my iphone but the back camera is no good. So I texted Chris so he could come take one with the real camera I told him to quietly hop on the bed and take it from above. I think he did a good job. 
I am a big fan of breastfeeding ever since I had Zoe Jane, it's been a fairly simple task for me, I am fully aware is not as easy for everyone. After a couple rough weeks at the beginning it's been a smooth ride with both of them. And I am very thankful for that. It's an incredible bond that I will never forget. I have no breastfeeding picture of me and Zoe so I'm thankful I've been able to snap a few with Leo. The second picture is one of Zoe Jane in her pull ups... as we are in the middle of potty training... she's just so happy.


Saturday, January 10, 2015


OK here we go! the first of hopefully 52 portraits (1 a week) of my babies! it seems pretty daunting somehow the weeks seem to slip by my fingers quickly. But this project actually makes me think about the quality time I'm spending with my kids. When I think about what I wanna capture this week.. it makes me think about all this fun projects I could do with them. So far seems like a very positive "chore" if you will.
These are a couple pictures of Zoe helping me make a cake, wearing her cute apron. And one of Leo's intense stare. Oh! and a funny one I found that Chris took, while trying to capture Zoe cooking.. he got Leo in the background being silly with some spoon. ;)
Hoping my photographing skills get better and better as the year goes by.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Leo 8 months

Our sweet Leo Bennet turned 8 months old and things are changing fast around here. He's officially crawling all over the house. That has put a major spin on things since he can get to wherever he wants he's constantly wanting whatever Zoe is playing with.. lets just say I'm constantly talking about "sharing" over here.. it's a little preview of what's to come I'm sure. He's still so not sleeping through the night, but at this point I'm so very used to it. He started sleeping in his room! (for the beginning of the night) which is one major step (mostly for me) I am having a hard time letting go of our bed sharing so when I go to bed I just swoop him right off and bring him with me, nighttime feedings are much easier that way or at least that's my excuse to cuddle up with my soft warm baby all night and wake up to slobbery kisses (and sometimes kicks on my face). The fact that Chris keeps saying this is most def our last baby makes me wanna hold on to this stage ever longer. Once Zoe started sleeping through the night in her crib that was it! she never napped with me again ;(
so I'm not in a rush. On the food front he's also taking it very slow. He refuses just about every kind of food I give him. I've tried it all... I make him lots from scratch with breastmilk.. then I tried store bought and he literally threw up.. even puffs!.. but he just wont have it.. So as of now he is exclusively breastfed and will continue to be until I figure out how to make him eat. No rush either.
He officially has 4 teeth now! two top and two bottom! He loves his sister dearly. always laughing at all the silly things she does. Also seems extremely attached to me, I cannot even go to the bathroom without him crying. It's flattering but exhausting too. Everywhere I go people comment on what a beautiful baby he is :) I agree. I'm madly in love.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Leo 7 months

Leo is growing much too fast, part of me just wants to stop time because I can't get enough of him these days. I love squeezing him and kissing his little cheeks as he just giggles non stop. I love his laugh, and the shape of his eyes.. and his eye color... every little detail about him is just so perfect. We are pretty smitten with each other. I cannot leave his sight or he cries.. day and night! Zoe has showed quite a bit of jealousy these last few weeks.. and I don't blame her, Leo does take up a big big chunk of my time and attention. I have to be very intentional about giving her one on one time. This morning she came in my room and said "toto is sad" (toto is her stuffed elephant) when I asked why, she said "he wants his mommy" :(  Needless to say having two is complicated.. I always feel like I'm short changing one of them. Wishing I could be doing tons of messy projects with Zoe and also wishing I could just sit there and take a million pictures of Leo just sitting there.. contemplating wether or not to crawl. He doesn't seem quite ready to crawl just yet which I appreciate! because Zoe started too soon and next thing I knew much before her 1st bday she was walking.. my baby girl was a little girl. So Leo can take his time, plus it's a lot easier managing him when I know he can't go far. He got two teeth this month the two bottom ones, so far teething hasn't been traumatic but it also hasn't been a breeze like it was with Zoe, but he's a sweet baby and takes it very well. Funnily enough the same week Zoe is getting her last two molars he's getting his first two teeth. Let the teething begin again!

curious as can be.

new favorite lion.

get this old lion aways from me!

did I not make my self clear??? 

2 min later I took this about a moody baby ;)

This is his face of concentration 

Wrists, arms and leg rolls.. I can see them slowly disappearing. nooooo 

The most beautiful eyes I ever saw.

Dear Leo:
This month you got two teeth, and your first sickness/fever ever! we were lucky and no antibiotics needed just lots of non stop nursing and cuddling..whatever progress we had with your sleeping patterns is long gone! we back to square one.. I didn't think it was possible but you might be a worse sleeper than your sister, lucky for you I am smitten with you and even in the wee hours of the night I love holding you and cuddling you.. but your daddy is about ready for you to start sleeping thru the night so get on it please. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

The 52 Project

This coming year I'm gonna attempt to join Jodi in the 52 project. A picture of one or both of my kids once a week in 2015. With the hope of making an awesome book at the end of the year. First post coming the first week of 2015! I might change my mind as the year goes by but I'll try to stick with it I bet it would be so fun to look back and see all the memories we gather the whole year.