Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Leo - 6 months

It's already been half a year since my sweet Leo Bennett was born. Each week that goes by we love him more and more. This is the milestone month! it seems like he's doing all kinds of new things from noises to faces to sitting up, he's keeping us pretty entertained. I could stare at his sweet face all day long, he is just so perfect. His eyes his nose, mouth, peach fuzzy hair, soft skin, chunky legs, lots of rolls, everything about him is so perfect. My favorite thing he does as of lately is the way he rubs his own head when I'm nursing him, maybe he like the way his little hair feels like. Everywhere we go people comment on how cute he is, I don't remember getting nearly as many compliments about Zoe at that age hmmm..
I thank God for letting me have a boy, I was so in love with Zoe when she was born that I couldn't even imagine having a boy, I was in the "I want all girls camp" But now that I have Leo I feel so complete, there's most definitely a special kind of boy love that I've heard about before (and didn't quite believed, but now I do). Not even sure I want any more babies, our world sure seems pretty perfect right now. I got my girl my boy and couldn't ask for anything else.
He also started eating this month.. just some purees I made him and he just loooves food, crossing my fingers he doesn't become a picky eater like his sister. So far he likes it all, bananas, apple and zucchini he makes the cutest noises and faces when he eats.
He also loves splashing in the bath (already!!) and I would say he is beyond patient and incredibly forgiving of his sister.. she literally jumps on him, bites him, pulls his arms and legs, tries to feed him all kinds of fake food, pokes his eyes, puts all kinds of hats on him etc... she'll make him cry and 5 seconds later he's cracking up about something she's doing.
All in all  I feel so incredibly blessed and undeserving to have my two precious babies.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Leo- 5 months

Little chunker is 5 months old today! he's quickly becoming less of a baby and it makes me so sad, growing way too fast.. he's rolling and scooting all over the place, no longer able to leave him unattended on the bed or couch... he loooves the jumperoo.. and loves being wild and loud just like his sister. Loves splashing in the bath, and rubbing his head when I nurse him... his "sleeping through the night skills" got even worse... if that's even possible.. at some point last week he was waking up every hour to nurse... I know I know... everyone tells me it's time for the cry it out method... I tried.. for like a minute.. but just the mere thought of him crying out for his mama to come pick him up kills me! so no, we wont do that. I rather wake up a million times a night to nurse for half a minute..than hear him cry like that. That's probably the reason why he is so big and fat and cuddly and I love it.
Don't worry about Chris because he can sleep through just about everything so me nursing Leo a million times a night goes completely unnoticed. I think we might have an early crawler.. he seems like he can't wait to go to places.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Leo - 4 months

Well it's been 4 months since my sweet Leo was born! His joyful personality is coming out more and more each day that goes by. He actually laughs out loud with us and I can't get enough of that laugh. Zoe Jane is the one that can make him laugh the most, all she has to do is get her face very close to his and he will crack up, he adores her! follows her around the room with his head as if she's some sort of goddess, I can already tell they will be really tight when they grow up. Leo has been hitting his milestones like textbook! grabbing his feet, almost rolling over etc.. except for the sleeping thru the night one of course, no such luck for us. I was already kind of expecting it since I feed him on demand now.. there's not much of a schedule so he just wants to nurse everytime to go back to sleep, which is fine by me. I did it with Zoe and then it was over and I'll never have that time with her again and I'm so glad I fed her thru the night all those months. He also sleeps wherever works best that night, usually in his crib (brand new because we just moved to the new house) to begin the night right at 7pm just like his sister.. then he comes back down to our room to the pack and play, and somehow every morning he ends up in our bed, I think I get progressively lazier as the night goes on ;) We sure love those morning snuggles that's for sure.
I can already tell the babyness is quickly slipping thru our fingers and I just want to hold on to it!! it's going much too fast.

His raised eyebrow cracks us up. 

The chunkiest thighs. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Leo 3 months

3 months have flown by, and our little chunker keeps getting bigger and bigger! His personality is slowly starting to come out and we all love it. He is suuuper smiley and talkative. I think he might end up being a designer, he looooves to stare at all kinds of patterns, I know that's a baby thing to do but the way he looks at pillows and blankets is quite intense it's almost as if he is analyzing the prints. We have this colorful knitted blanket that he adores! He can stare at this blanket for hours! In fact if he starts getting fuzzy all I have to do it drape the blanket in front of him and he immediately calms down (needless to say it's my new favorite favorite blanket).
Still not even close to sleeping thru the night, he wakes up about twice a night but overall he is a wonderful baby, really easy going an rarely cries, usually only when I forget to feed him ;)
We are busy with Zoe and he just goes with us everywhere up and down all around town, in and out of the carseat and he just goes with it. Thank goodness! I have no idea how we would do it if he was a fussy baby. I was hoping by now we would have his nursery set and ready to give it a go, but the house is delayed yet again, so we'll have to wait to make the big transition to his own room. Zoe slept with us until she was 8 months! and she started sleeping better once she was alone in her own room, so we are planing on doing it a little bit earlier with him.
Leo also adores his older sister, he follows her with his head around the room and smiles at basically whatever comes out of her mouth, she also loves to cover him in toys, blankets, books etc.. you would think that's annoying for him, but he enjoys it very much. Sometimes Zoe 'plays' tea time with him and puts a little plastic spoon in his hand while they both laugh... it's the cutest.
At first I wanted another girl but now I'm so grateful Leo was a boy things are gonna be soo much fun when they grow up. I couldn't ask for anything else, when I look at both of my babies I get so happy I feel like I'm gonna explode.

the rolls!! / man boobs! 

his face of being able to hold the rattle up for the first time

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Leo 2 months

Already 2 months, it's going even faster the second time around. Leo has been gaining weight like crazy, it blows my mind how fast we are going through his clothes, he gets to wear just a few and we are on to the next size. It makes me sad. He's only 2 months and he's already wearing 3-6 month clothes. His new hair is coming in super dark! even darker than Zoe's, but his blue eyes remain, and I hope they are here to stay because dark hair and blue eyes is probably my favorite combo, but we'll see. His personality is slowly coming out, so far he's a very relaxed, chill baby. He smiles a lot, and he knows how to take a good poke to the face or a small bite from his sister!! Zoe has been trying to bite his chubby legs lately, I can't blame her I want to bite those little legs too. He's still waking up every 2 to 3 hours all day and night to nurse. I'm really hoping he's gonna start sleeping a little longer. I can already tell he loves his sister, as soon as she gets close to him he smiles really big and tries to "talk to her". Needless to say zoe loves "the baby" too. As soon as she wakes up she looks all over the house for him saying "baby? baby? baby?"
Life with two is jut CRAZY. My biggest fear is to forget one of them at the store or the car, I'm so not used to being in charge of two and it's taking me a while to get used to it. Driving with them is not as hard as I thought it would, Leo does very good int he carseat as soon as we start moving he falls asleep and doesn't make a peep and zoe as long as she has her ipad she's good too. I love that because I can actually relax while trying to figure out my way around town since we are new here I don't know all the streets yet. We love our Leo.

-His sister
-Tummy time
- Nursing! a lot!
-Tia Ana
-Sitting up
-Trying to hold things
-Loud noises

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Leo - 1 month

Well it's already been a whole month since we got our lovely Leo! life is busy to say the least having two is way harder than I thought. But I wouldn't change my babies for the world. Leo so far has been a pretty easy baby. Not as easy as Zoe was, but he's not coliky or refluxy or any of those things, he's pretty content for the most part, as long as he is being fed and lets just say he likes to be feeding constantly!! it's been a real struggle to push him to go even just 2 hours during the day! sometimes at night he sleeps for 4 hour increments which feels like heaven :)
He grunts A LOT! to the point that people at church stare at us wondering what's going on, it's pretty funny they sound like adult grunts. He loves to stare at anybody that will hold him, he has a special way to make you feel he is truly studying your face.
We love our Leo, and he's growing fast, I'm soaking it all up cause I know very well how fast it goes. Here's he's first month pics. I'm so proud I got the closeup of his eyes cause it's so hard for me to describe the color of his eyes when people ask me, but this is exactly what they look like in real life, so for all of those of you who wonder.. this is it :) Im hoping they stay that way but we'll see...

-Sleeping on his tummy
-Staring at people
-The swing
- Pacifiers
- Noise
- Waiting to be fed
- Gas drops

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The new house.. in progress...

I meant to write a weekly update about our house being built, but just like my monthly belly pictures it hasn't happened. So here's a little recap. We can't believe how fast it's going up!!  it's looking more and more like a house now and we can't wait for it to be ready! Not that we don't have other exciting things happening soon though... such as the birth of our baby boy :)

more pictures to come soon..